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WC layout for ambulant disabled people

WC compartments for ambulant disabled people are not designed to accommodate wheelchair users but are useful for people with mobility impairments and for users who may require more space than a standard WC, such as parents or carers with prams or baby buggies. At least one cubicle per range of WC compartments within separate-sex accommodation should be provided.

  • Overall dimensions: 1500mm min long by 800mm min wide.
  • Ensure that the side grabrails protrude no more than approximately 90mm from the internal partition wall so as not to restrict space within the cubicle.
  • Wherever possible, the door should open outwards and be fitted with a horizontal bar at 1000mm above floor level on the inside face. In situations where the door opens inwards, the 750mm-long activity space must be maintained, and the door should be designed so that it can be opened outwards in an emergency.
  • Provide a coat hook at 1200–1400mm high, and a shelf if space permits. Where there are four or more WC cubicles in separate-sex accommodation, one of these should be 1200mm wide for use by people who need extra space, and should include a horizontal grabrail adjacent to the WC, a vertical grabrail on the rear wall, and space for a shelf and a fold-down table.

Image of a WC layout for ambulant disabled people